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About Us

Operating exclusively within the classic automotive sector, Promapac LLP partner with major brand owners, successfully bringing famous brands to market in this niche area. Promapac’s experience extends over thirty-five years, from the early nineteen-eighties to present day.
Our brands include:


Forlife™ Advanced Engine Coolant


In the late eighties Promapac oversaw the reintroduction of Forlife Advanced Engine Coolant, originally used by car race teams worldwide in competition events throughout the 1950’s and sixties before the common use of air cooled competition engines. However with the ongoing popularity of classic car racing and competition using conventionally cooled engines, a resurgence in demand for this high performance coolant occurred.
Forlife provides high engine heat transfer with high boiling point to a maximum of 180C, protects engine and cooling system internals from corrosion, offers frost protection down to -42C, contains a unique red dye PH colour indicator to warn of head gasket failure from combustion gasses in the coolant. Promapac’s Forlife is a low cost and highly effective advanced engine coolant available throughout the UK and continental Europe.

4Life logo and bottles of Forlife coolant

Castrol Classic Oils


In 1993 Castrol UK, in partnership with Promapac operating as Castrol Classic Oils, steered the introduction of Castrol’s early lubricant grades designed for vintage, veteran, classic cars and motorcycles. Castrol’s Classic Oil grades use latest technology, low detergent base oils in the appropriate viscosities on which early vehicles were designed to run. Making the right choice of oil has now become simply a matter of looking in the owners’ vehicle handbook for the manufacturer’s original Castrol recommendation.  Castrol Classic Oil range is widely available throughout the UK, continental Europe plus many other countries worldwide.

Castrol Classic Oils logo with product range



The late nineties witnessed the discontinued use of lead in automotive fuels and an alternative to lead was required by owners of classic and early vehicles to protect valve seats from premature wear and recession. Castrol’s technical team chose Valvemaster™ a phosphorus formulation, offering the best protection after lead. The addition of an Octane Boost to Valvemaster™ Plus makes it the most effective and cost effective solution for use in classic performance vehicles benefitting from higher octane fuel. Promapac, in partnership with Innospec, the manufacturers of Valvemaster™, continues to make Valvemaster™ range available.


Valvemaster logo with bottles of Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus